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Laser Mould & Die is driven to service clients throughout South Africa, especially in the Eastern Cape. We have aligned ourselves with the top Laser Weld brands to ensure that our high standards of quality, support and fanatical customer service are never compromised. Our key focus will always be to provide excellent Customer Satisfaction and making sure that our clients are satisfied.


Suppliers of professional laser devices as a complete solution for laser welding and cutting.

  • Extremely accurate laser welding for all tool steels, stainless steel alloys, dissimilar metals, beryllium copper, copper alloys, aluminum, titanium alloys, precious metals, and powdered metals
  • Typical repairs done to press tooling, plastic injection and blow mould tooling
  • Hard and tough weld metal due to the fine grain structure from the rapid solidification of the laser weld
  • Low “heat affected zone”
  • Extreme and precise control of the weld location
  • Excellent weld quality h a fine grain structure
  • Minimal to no heat input
  • No distortion like most TIG welding
  • No discolouration of the weld or surrounding base material
  • In-house finish CNC machining and polishing services are available